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I am so very happy that you are able to talk about these things I and others have been lied to about while growing up LDS. Thank you for sharing the truth to those of us who are willing to listen and accept it.

Thank you for sharing! Our goal is to share not only the truth about polygamy and Mormonism, but more importantly, the wonderful truth about the biblical Jesus! --S&R Ministry


Doris, Your program was especially good last night. Mr. Anderson is one of your best guests yet. Please have him on again. 'What Love Is This' is such a refreshing program because is deals with TRUTH, and people in my community at least, have little tolerance for that. Especially mormons want 'smoke and mirrors'. The more hate mail you get equates with your effectiveness. May God bless you and "What Love Is This'.

Thank you for your note! We understand that our program can cause negative reactions; while our goal is not to provoke anyone, we recognize that sharing uncomfortable truths often has that result. Our end goal, of course, is to proclaim eternal life through Jesus Christ! Thank you for sharing with us. --S&R Ministry


You always say you welcome emails, but you seem to block anyone that disagrees with you. I have a comment about last night's show. Although you read the verses in James about works, you never explained it. You don't understand what we LDS believe about grace and works. By the way, what about the many verses that say works are commanded such as the one that says not all those that say Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but those that DO the will of the Father?

I don't know how you conclude that we block people who disagree with us. Many callers and emails come through from people who disagree with us. The explanation of the James passage about grace and works is quite simple, if you read the text in its simplicity: faith without works is dead. No where does this imply that works are what bring salvation; works are the evidence of faith, which brings salvation. --S&R Ministry


Please don't get the "Mormons" confused with the fundamentalist mormons. Pologamy [sic] was abolished by the Church in 1890 through revelation to Brigham Young. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) has not practiced Polygamy since then. Don't confuse your viewers.

Actually, it is the LDS Church which is confusing its own membership and the public at large. Polygamy was abolished not by Brigham Young, as you state, but rather by the "Manifesto" issued by Wilford Woodruff. And even so, the church continued to allow the practice until the early 20th Century, before they began excommunicating those who practiced it. --S&R Ministry


I stumbled across your program on the internet while recovering from a bad cold. I've spent the last week watching every episode available, some of them more than once! I would like to testify, that as someone who has just left Mormonism after 18 years, every word you have spoken on your program thus far regarding the teachings and doctrine of the LDS church is true and fairly represented.

I remember when I was 18 years old and was engaged to be married, my girlfriends and I were discussing how we'd have to "get used to the idea of polygamy, because that's what we were going to have to live in heaven". I was shocked, as a convert, but so in love with my husband, I figured that I could come to terms with it over the years. None of us really understood it, but we knew one day, we'd have to live it. In that respect, and in the sealing of multiple wives to husbands in the temple, polygamy is alive and well in the LDS Church. I am appalled at how ignorant I was; until I read "Rough Stone Rolling", I didn't know Joseph Smith was a polygamist!! Talk about church teachings being white-washed! I was a faithful, temple-attending, every-Sunday going, tithe-paying active LDS church member. My husband had been a member for 30 years, taught seminary and was in the Bishopric 4 times, yet he didn't know Joseph Smith practiced polygamy, either! Talk about rock somebody's world! I've devoured church history since then. I can't believe how ignorant we were, how duped we feel.

We were a "golden family" in the LDS church, yet we knew so little about our own religion and history. I am ashamed and angered when I hear some young, usually male, LDS person phone into your show, showing ignorance and haughtiness, this complete arrogance. I'm utterly ashamed for those callers and pray, that one day, they'll see the light, the truth.

Since I'm getting to know the God of the Bible through much study and the support of my new Christian congregation, I still have much to learn. I used to feel as you did about God-we could never be good enough, "where much is given, much is required". "Families can be together forever" is a wonderful idea, but under Mormonism, it's a double-edged sword--if you don't dot every "i" and cross every "t" the church required, you weren't going to make it and you would not be with your family.

God bless you and your efforts. It is my hope that, one day, I can be a light for the true Christ of the Bible to the LDS just as you are.

Thank you so much for your great letter, and for sharing with us your testimony! When you share like this, you are already the light you want to become! --S&R Ministry


You spew venom out of your ugly face every time you open your big fat mouth. You speak about subjects you know nothing about. You never critize other religions except the LDS church because you know it is true. You can leave the church but you can never leave it alone. I especially love how you take quotes out of context. Everytime your evil {expletive} mouth opens, you stick your foot in it and people know it. You harlot, you will pay for your evil slander.

Wow. You are obviously offended by something that you've seen in our program, but you haven't explained specifically in what way we have offended you. What quotes have we taken out of context? Slander implies that we speak lies about someone or something; how have we been untruthful? In addition, your hate-filled response begs the question: is this the sort of response that your church taught you to give when you disagree or are offended? We certainly hope not. May God bless you, and may you know the joyful truth of Jesus' love for us all! --S&R Ministry



I grew up in Utah, but not as a Mormon. As a young adult, I became engaged to a returned Mormon Missionary [and] I was told, "it is your duty to believe in polygamy as part of Gods plan. That it is going to be practiced in heaven. That it is proof of being a strong women to accept it and a weak woman if you can't accept it." ... This depressed me severely. Luckly, I was led into a Christian church and was born again. A ton of bricks was lifted off my shoulders and I have never regreted leaving this boyfriend. I am now married to a Chirstian man who abhors polygmy. My question is, how many other women experience similar "talks" in Mormonism or when becoming involved with a Mormon man? I was wondering if this is common? --I love your ministry.

Thank you for your comments, and praise God you and your husband know the true Jesus! Thank you for sharing your testimony. To answer your question, we do know that many people within mainstream Mormonism believe as your Mormon boyfriend did. While we can't paint all of them with the same brush, suffice it to say that your story is not unique. Blessings! --S&R Ministry


Sister Doris, I just want to say that I LOVE YOU so much! What an assignment our Father God has given you! I watch you every Thursday and am blessed and moved by His Spirit within you. I'm "sitting at your feet" every time your on the air to glean and learn from you as well. But make no mistake that it doesn't take priority over my relationship with Jesus. ...

I want to say that yesterday's program brought me to tears. The young LDS caller that mentioned that his ward is still teaching that Blacks are "less than LDS" disturbed me a great deal. Being female and black, it made me feel angry at how Satan is using them in such deceitful, negative, loveless doctrine and teachings.

But I thank and praise the Lord so much for you, your guests, and the staff there. The TRUTH must be told and more importantly, with patience and love. I'm so in awe as He allows His fruit to be seen before all. I'm not there yet. Sometimes I'm just angry knowing how polygamy and these cultic, man-made religions are existing! How sad is Jesus in knowing that man will create anything to give themselves their own glory, praise, and honor that will never be theirs. Please know that I will keep you in my prayers at all times. I need the Lord to keep His constant protection and provision over your life. Stay in love with Him Sister Doris.

Thank you for sharing with us! We, too, are angered by the doctrines and teachings that cause so much hardship and bondage in peoples' lives, but make no mistake: like you, we love these people, want them to know the truth of Jesus Christ that can set them free! Thanks! --S&R Ministry


I just read your article on the pre-existence. Please forgive me, I don't mean to be unkind, but that was extremely poor scholarship. You took many verses out of context, and then made incorrect inferences off of those verses. I can easily explain every one of your Biblical verses in line with the idea of a pre-existence--I will fax those comments to you. Let me finish by stating that your abominable extra-Biblical creed concerning pre-destination is a direct result of your misunderstanding of pre-mortal life. Thank you.

Thank you for your comments; we still await your explanations on how we have misinterpreted the verses cited or used "poor scholarship." As of yet, we have seen no compelling evidence from the Bible that supports the idea of pre-existence. And what, precisely, is the "abominable" creed you are referring to? We do invite comments, criticism, and are open to dialoguing about these important matters; however, it would be helpful if you would provide references and adequate commentary if you are going to criticize our materials. --S&R Ministry


Please do not refer to these polygamist groups as Mormons...they are NOT connected with us in any way! Please be more careful to get your facts straight. I know you mean well, but you have to be accurate with your information..thank you.

Thanks for your note. Please let us know which facts are we not getting straight. Keep in mind, most of the polygamist groups refer to themselves as Mormons; this is not our doing. We know the fundamentalists are not officially tied in with the LDS Church; nevertheless, these groups also follow the precepts of original Mormonism (in fact, they would argue more faithfully than the mainline Church). So it does beg the question, what makes their claim of being "Mormon" not valid? --S&R Ministry


I just want to take a minute here to say hello, and you guys are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you! We are ALWAYS glad to have people praying for us! --S&R Ministry


I commend you for your ministry. I was particularly impressed with Sandra Tanner and Doris Hanson's program of the previous week. It is very admirable for you to help people see through the deception and perhaps break free from the confines of polygamy and false religion. It was very insightful to examine Section 132 carefully. I admire your courage to tell people the truth. I am sure that many LDS people will state that you are anti-Mormon. That is obviously not the case as I have found out through my own personal research. In trying to prove that you and people like yourself are wrong, I simply have proved that the LDS religion not only does not have reasonable answers, but it is a very corrupt religion in its origins and a false religion. I am thankful for the insight and enlightenment that you share for the LDS people. It is wonderful to be told the truth.

[But] I see that you are just like the LDS people (ostriches' with their head in the sand). You've bought into the same lies that we as Mormons soaked in. Just like them, it appears by your answers, that you don't even realize it? Christianity in its current form today, is "another gospel" and not the gospel taught by Jesus or in the Bible. You have reduced it to a simple prayer and an easy salvation. ...Quit lying to people. If they are saved, God will live in them with power and their lives will be a reflection of a redeemed life full of the power of God. If they are still in sin, warn them to examine whether God has really done a supernatural work in their lives?... As your ministry helps the lost gain freedom from polygamy and Mormon Fundamentalism, teach em also how they can be free "from" sin and not saved and free "to" sin. Jesus came for that very purpose: To free us from death and from sin.

Thank you for your letter. We're not entirely sure where some of your challenges are coming from. Are you suggesting that we are promoting a watered-down gospel? A gospel that doesn't take sin seriously? How do you get the impression that we are teaching people that they are free "to" sin? We can assure you that this is not the case. Our goal is to derive our doctrine straight from the Bible; if you believe we have failed to do this, we invite you to please let us know precisely how; we are certainly not above correction. But we will continue to declare that salvation is a free gift, because the Bible says it is a free gift. It is the transforming power of the gospel that enables any of us to live holy lives and to repent of sin; it is not a power that we have in and of ourselves. But in no way do we believe or teach that sin is acceptable, and if we have ever given you or anyone that impression, let us correct that right here and now! Thanks for writing. --S&R Ministry.


I am sure that I read, in the Book of Mormon, that God said He did not want his people to live like Solomon of old. I took that to mean having all those wives.

It is true that the Book of Mormon does condemn David & Solomon's practice of polygamy (Jacob 2:24ff), though fundamentalists will lean heavily on verse 2:30, which they interpret to mean that God could, at some time in the future, change his mind and command polygamy. This, of course, does not have any bearing on what the Bible says concerning polygamy, because we at Shield and Refuge do not draw our doctrine from the Book of Mormon. While the Bible records the practice of polygamy, it is never commanded or encouraged by God, and in many places it is overtly condemned. Thanks for your comment! --S&R Ministry


Hello, [please tell me] where you got your info on Joseph Smith being married to other mens husbands, and you [mentioned] a book, but I don't remember the name, it was about 33 wives he was married to. If you could please tell me the name and author of the book I would appreciate it, Thanks.

Sure thing! There are several books that we mentioned, that all address this subject, and they are:

In Sacred Loneliness, by Todd Compton
Rough Stone Rolling, by Richard L. Bushman
No Man Knows My History, by Fawn Brodie

Hope this helps! --S&R Ministry


I'm not a polygamist, a fundamentalist, or anything of the [sort]. I'm struggling with whether or not I should even write this; I figure it won't even matter to you, but all the same here it goes. Why don't you leave people alone? People want to live their lives, adults want to live their lives. Let them be. I know you like to drag whatever you can through the mud, but why? I mean we could attack your marriage all we want, we could even invite some [expletive] guest on to tell us all about how standard monogamist relationships have failed throughout history. I can find a happy family in ANY HOME, I can walk into your home and find good or bad, no matter what kind of spousal relationship you may have. Stop trying to destroy people's faith, I don't care if you don't agree with it or not, Just live your life and let others do the same!! Also, just in watching you for a few minutes I can tell you that you need to work on your awful grammar. And tell me how the LDS faith is not christian. You make me sick, That's right they 'don't believe like evangelicals' in certain ways. They don't believe God roasts babies on a spit!!

Well, you certainly do give us a few things to comment on, but some of your challenges are perplexing. It's obvious that you are angered by something you saw on the program, but you seem to be making accusations that are not based on anything that we've presented. In no way do we want to pester or abuse people; people are free to watch our show, or turn the channel. Our objective is to provide information and help to those who want it, not to shove anything down the throats of people who don't. As for our grammar, we are open to correction, and if you have some specific examples to share, that is all well and good, but otherwise, why the cheap shots? The LDS faith is not Christian for the simple reason that it does not teach what mainline Christianity has proclaimed to be central Truth for 2,000 years. These aren't minor differences, they are the essential doctrines of salvation. Saying that Mormonism is not Christian is not intended to be an insult; it's simply stating a matter of fact. If we claimed to be "Mormon" yet rejected the Book of Mormon as scripture, or Joseph Smith as a prophet, you would be right to tell us that we are not legitimately "Mormon". Incidentally, when have we ever taught that that God roasts babies on a spit? Thanks for your input. --S&R Ministry


What an angry woman Doris is. Yes you have your right to speak your ideas, but you are not a Christian the way you put down the LDS religion. I watched your program a few times and my comment to Ms. Hanson is to go seek therapy for your anger. There are many poligamist that are not the Mormon religion but you have not spoken of them and the harm they are causing women in the world. Sham on you! The LDS people are more Christian than you will ever be. And another comment, learn the right meaning of the scriptures and not what you yourself interpret them to be.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We can assure you that Doris is not an angry woman! Doris is a woman who is deeply concerned about those trapped in polygamy. What exactly prompted you to see her as angry? And how has anyone on this program "put down" the LDS religion? Please don't confuse sharing facts (sometimes uncomfortable facts) with "putting down". Our objective is to proclaim biblical truth and the good news of Jesus. And we do address those things which contradict biblical teaching. But our objective is NOT to put anyone down. If you think that we have misinterpreted the scriptures, please share with us how; the Bible speaks quite plainly about the things we share on the program. --S&R Ministry


I need to know where to find where it mentions "Mormons becoming gods". If you could e-mail the name of the book,with chapter and verse, or specific doctrines etc. it will be much appreciated. I was recently asked if I had ever heard that Mormons believe this, and I said yes, and would try to locate the information. Your show is a wonderful ministry. Thank You!

Thank you! We would be glad to provide you with some references! There are many to choose from, but here is a link to some of the more commonly-cited references. There are many others, as well. Thanks for watching! --S&R Ministry


Thanks for the info on the 999 wives, your show was great we really enjoyed it this week (as we do every week). Will you please send me your quotes references? I have started to read the Bible for the first time, and my goal is to finish it in one year. I read somewhere in the first 5 books, where God said he is a SPRIT but I cannot find it now can you help me find it. Thanks so much for all you are doing it has really helped us come to GOD !!!!!!

We are so glad to hear it! That is our goal--to point to Jesus, and the truth He proclaims in the Bible. So we encourage you to continue reading His word, and see for yourself! As for the quote references you are asking for, check back on this website in the near future, as we are going to post our quotes for easy reference. And there are many, many references to God being a Spirit in the Bible, both Old and New Testament. No doubt you have stumbled upon a number of them in your readings! We recommend you make note of them in your Bible as you come across them. Thanks for sharing with us! --S&R Ministry

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